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Note: Wrote this 2015-ish. Never published until Summer 2021.

Your organization is a key business community influencer. As the program sponsor, you promote and organize the necessary logistics to plan, market, administer, and host the program. Disney expert jeff noel delivers your world-class professional development experience.

Sponsor Benefits:

Generate Revenue

Deliver revenue to your organization by hosting jeff noel, the world’s leading Disney Business Wisdom Expert.

Align With a World-Class Professional Development Brand

While at Disney for 30 years, including 15 as Disney Institute’s highest-rated, most-requested speaker, jeff noel is the perfect solution for today’s business challenges.

Strengthen Your Community

No other Disney Speaker helps your community’s business leaders think deeper, reach higher, work harder, or care more.

World-Class Benchmarking

Your attendees will leave engaged, excited, and inspired with relevant action plans they can implement immediately.

Engage Local and Regional Businesses

You enhance your organizations reputation for being the go-to resource for adaptable world-class business insights.

Leverage a Lifetime of Disney Marketing and Branding Experience

You have access to jeff noel and his A-List team to help you anticipate and exceed your Community’s expectations.


Text 407-538-4341 (Anytime)
email jeff.noel@icloud.com (Anytime)

Please feel free to text or email a phone call request anytime. Phone calls scheduled in advance can happen virtually anytime.

Expect a response within 24 hours, usually same day, and usually within hours.


Brand your reputation by design. Expect a response within 24 hours, usually same day, and usually within hours.



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