We simply don’t have the bandwidth… is that it?

A husband and wife’s favorite flower…


… flowers spotted during early morning run before sunrise in Iowa City


We simply don’t have the bandwidth… is that it?

Memorial day weekend was a few days ago (as this was penned). Facebook was absolutely flooded with an awareness of the efforts endured and the sacrifices made to be able to live peacefully in the land of the free.

September 11 is going to come and go quickly too.

Do we only tell our spouse/partner we love them on our anniversary?

Being decently organized creates a broadband single that allows us to have less interference with the things that matter.

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Note: On the spot – in the moment – texted a bouquet (top photo) to a busy wife who does double duty while her husband travels.

Bonus pic:


Dandelion at sunrise
A a few minutes further into the run and a dandelion hollered ‘hello up there’


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