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January 13, 2017…posted this on FB…

Several motivating factors have me cleaning out my (home-work) office closet, garage, and attic.

Finding this question helpful in what i keep or shed.

If i was downsizing and moving into a MUCH smaller place, would i take this with me?


Several times each year, we spend a few days (each visit) living with my 94-year old Mother-In-Law in her one bedroom Senior Living Efficiency apartment.

i look at her kitchen, bathroom, and two closets…her life is stripped down and simplified.

Then we walk next door to my 91-year old Father in Law’s 24-hour Nursing home room he shares with another resident. These two men literally only own the few articles of clothing they’re wearing and what’s on a few hangers in their closet.

And just yesterday, trying to find a leaking pipe, i went up in the attic….

It overwhelmed me.

Also, Cheryl and i, had a collection of old electronic devices that are dinosaurs now: cameras, movie projectors, mobile phones, etc – some pretty cool “stuff”.

My theory is this, before Google, having a real-life relic was considered a treasure because if your Grandparents didn’t have it to show you, you’d have to go to a museum.

Now, you can reach in your pocket and ask Siri to show you.

Last week i asked Chapin if he had any interest in any of the old electronics.

He didn’t.

Now it’s gone.

What i thought was so important, isn’t.

An iPhone replaces all of it.

And it fits in my pocket.

Before Henry Ford came along, folks were dreaming of a faster horse.

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