Sick (not the good sick)

Last week at my weekly Apple One-To-One session, I forgot my mighty mouse. Called and emailed the Apple Store. Even went back the next day to double-double check. While Brooke was checking if it had been turned in to lost and found, I grabbed a new Apple Mouse from the rack, a much cooler (sick) version than the one from last year, just in case. Was almost hoping that no one turned it in so I would be “forced” to buy the sick mouse.

“Good news”, Brooke said no one had turned in the lost mouse. “Bad news”, her friend Erika had an extra, which was graciously offered to me at no charge. WOW!

The Apple Store at Millenia Mall continues to exceed expectations on all accounts. I left without that “sick” mouse, but with something better. A sense that excellent customer service is alive and well. But I’m not sure we can say the same thing for this young boy:

By jeff noel

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