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Does your audience care about what you have to say? Can you tailor it to different groups?


Facebook home, aka Facebook personal habits (organization).

Do we really understand how Facebook works?

Do we understand how to manage our settings?

Do we know which people in our connections list want to hear what messages? Do our work friends want to hear about our children, or recipes, our jokes, or the news we feel compelled to share?

Do our lifelong friends want to hear about our work? Do they want to see us marketing our product(s) if we have them?

Do we know how to distribute updates specifically to those people?

Are we discerning when it comes to “Liking” Facebook Pages? Are we intentional or emotional in doing this and do we have so many that we cannot keep up? Are there so many that it fogs our focus on our family and friends?

Do we want to tell the world when we are gone from our home, or when we are home alone? Or would an email, phone call or private FB message be a better choice?

If Facebook went away, do we have a plan B for staying connected? It could happen.




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