Short lived Twitter profile – July 3, 2014 – one day only

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Publications are an important ingredient and another thing to worry about


How often do we think about our social media presence?

How often should we?

If we aren’t in business, then the answer is obvious. If we are in business, the answer is not as obvious.

Senior leaders generally see social media as an annoying and frustrating addition to their busy schedules.

Our customers embrace social media and we want to embrace what they embrace.

So this past week has been spent experimenting:

Uncommonly affordable and remarkably valuable Orlando based keynote speaker. Prefers delivering opening or closing keynotes. Also available for breakout sessions.


Orlando motivational speaker to one-million+. Founder Mid Life Celebration. Challenging Boomers to do something great before they die. Disney since ’82.


Orlando based motivational speaker to over one-million people worldwide – a massive list of esteemed A-Listers and Fortune 500’s.


Orlando speaker, author is changing the way Boomers think about regret, second chances, and opportunity.

Standing out doesn’t fall from the sky. Nor is it a one-time effort.

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