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(photo: Who’s looking over your shoulder?)

(Update March 7, 2015… rereading this now, after writing it 100 days ago, it feels awkward…gonna keep it as is for posterity. They say boldness has genius. It’s also far too easy to crash and burn. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.)

Orlando based (retired Disney) motivational keynote speaker. One million+ people globally.

Flying solo.

Retired to put a dent in the Universe by helping you:

  • Live like you mean.
  • Lead like you mean it.
  • Serve like you mean it.

To challenge you to choose between a life of obligation or a life of apathy.

To challenge you to become an example rather than a warning to the people you care about most.

In exchange for leading The Movement (Mid Life Celebration), MLC will donate profits to the good folks searching for a cure.

Remarkable keynote speakers, the ones that challenge everything, well, yeah, we need more of that.

Thirty years at Disney, the past 15 speaking for Disney Institute. Both coasts. Every imaginable industry.

Close enough to Walt-Disney-crazy to be bestowed not one, but two Disney Lifetime achievement awards.

Walt asked his associates simple questions. Compelling questions.

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?

Pop quiz…

Are you satisfied?

(good for you if you are… hope it lasts)

And if you aren’t, who’s responsible?


How challenging is it to find someone trustworthy?

Someone to help you change things your culture allows to happen.

Culture is tricky.

It’s what we think and do, without thinking.


Long term, deeply embedded habits.



Our default becomes the standard.


The good news? There’s a success formula for operationalizing your habits for excellence.

But you’ll have to reach higher, think deeper, care more, and work harder than ever.

Speaking, consulting, coaching.

Helping people and organizations solve their unsolvables.

You’re welcome.

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